Business are moving fast to Outsourcing and Managed Services model to reduce their Operation Cost [OPEX] . Through “Outsourcing/ Managed Services models” Enterprises allow departments like Human Capital, Technology and/ or Businesses to have more time to focus on the enterprise core business.

ADVISORY outsourcing services inherits ADVISORY’s value added services concepts. Not only we provide qualified resources but we ensure these resources are continuously trained, updated and have the support of ADVISORY’s BACK OFFICE where a vast documentation and knowledge base can be accessed.

Our Outsourcing Services Provides:

  • Qualified, Certified and Well-Trained resources
  • Adequate practical experience
  • Immediate resource replacement as required
  • Management Alignment and Quarterly review of resources performance

All our clients’ information disclosed prior and during the engagement are treated with extreme confidentiality, an NDA is signed prior to proposal phase.

Project Manager Professional (PMP®)

Program Manager Professional (PgMP®)

Portfolio Manager Professional (PfMP®)

Engagement Phases


Build understanding with our clients to understand the level and the skills of the resources required.

This comes through meetings and workshop if required according to the diversity of skills and the count of resources.


ADVISORY matches the required skills with its extensive resources database to ensure all clients’ requirements are met.

Multi-level interviews are performed with the customer to ensure full acceptance of the resources.


Engage the selected resources with customer and work closely with the clients’ team to make the right induction phase to allow full understanding of the client’s environment to the new resources.


ADVISORY assigns a Business Operation manager to look after the while engagement. The BOM will be also responsible to prepare and attend quarterly meeting with the client to ensure full compliance, resources progress and resolve any issues as it arise.

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