Khaled Sheliby


Works in Networking Engineering, Business Consultancies, Project Management Consultancy, Executive Management, Service Providers, Systems Integrators.

A highly experienced Executive who has demonstrated the ability and power to lead diverse teams of professionals to success in IT and Networking competitive markets.  Strong strategies, services creation, delivery and management with an impressive track record of effective management and deployment of mega Projects, service and managed services implementations that lead to operation excellence and increased profitability.

Between EGYPT and Saudi Arabia, Khaled worked for IBM, Cisco, STC-S and has been a trusted consultants for many large organizations and systems integrators.

  • Proven management skills and profitability achievements through working in International companies
  • Intense experience in Project management with an extensive track record of successful mega projects delivery
  • Provide and build effective communication strategies, advice and support to multinational executives.
  • Effective consulting helping business transformations and change management, including organizational restructures and new markets.
  • Strong performance in the development and delivery of corporate communications training programs to diverse audiences.
  • Excellent experience in processes modification / creation and remodeling, creating organizational training, team building and leadership
  • Extensive experience with Telco/ Service Provider technical and operational environment and support, Managed services creation, delivery and improvements
  • Customer satisfaction centric with extensive experience in business development.


Since its inception in 2010, ADVISORY has been providing an outstanding consultancy services to its clients regionally. Leveraging its staff extensive expertise of IT market dynamics and technology adoption, ADVISORY has been the trusted advisor to many clients.  In late 2016, ADVISORY has diversified its portfolio to encompass other verticals beside consultancy. Systems and training have been a new focus to ADVISORY to become an enabler to our clients grow their network infrastructure, move to cloud services and train their resources.

ADVISORY also has been incubating digital transformation technologies and embracing the change to a new era through IOT and M2M communications.

ADVISORY is a service and consultancy driven company hence customer satisfaction is in our DNA. We strive to understand clearly our customers’ requirements, choosing the most optimum solutions, ensuring the highest ROI and above all provide the right level of support and services to ensure the highest uptime for our customers’ IT environment.