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ADVISORY Technical Operation Support

"Working Hand in Hand With Operation departments to mix the Proactive and Reactive Models to Overall improve and Time to Resolve."


  • Proactive Support -  trying to act smartly about network issues and eliminate by time.
  • Enhance Network Awareness through smart– network service based documentation.
  • Highly technical  onsite support engineers enabling for Smart Analysis of repetitive problems.

Service ROI ..

  • A.TOS components will lead to a stable, available and documented network that will be the foundation for Network Operation excellence.
  • Network enhanced availability and reliability will lead as well to a better customer experience and further growth

A.TOS enhances the overall time to repair which in turn enhances network performance, availability and improves customer internal operation level agreement (OLA). A.TOS’ Proactive Support eliminates the ambiguity and provides better forecast of problems occurrence and root cause

The standard break-fix model doesn’t scale to allow for a maximum ROI for service support.  Most of vendor specific focal support relies on reactive support rather than focusing on reactive and proactive model which leads to reparative problems and chronic network issues and ultimately long resolution time.A.TOS®, ADVISORY Technical Operation Service is an exclusive service that addresses these challenges. Working hand in hand with operation departments to mix the proactive and reactive models to overall improve uptime and time to resolve.
The out of box service focuses mainly on Cisco products but can be expanded to cover other non-Cisco products on demand.

The Pitfalls for the common Break-Fix Model

In the standard Break-Fix (Reactive) model, support is focused on retrieving the network status beforefailure. However, this model has many gaps and lacks the proactive approach which respectively can minimize the resolution time and enhance network availability. Operation team is in a continuous firefighting mode

Vendor Support Shortcomings

  • Vendor TAC reliance on customer engineers every time there is a case opened to understand the network topology
  • Wasted time to understand the network topology and the ins and outs of the device yet longer time to analyze the problem and find the resolution
  • The support is usually completely remote
  • Case routing to different TAC startsthe cycle all over again for problem analysis
  • Ineffective vendor escalation matrix
  • Vendor - Focal Technical Support - not able to cover all technologies, at least critical technologies, this lessen its value and hence lower ROI  

A.TOS – Key Elements

A.TOS is focused on three major elements that directly impact the overall quality of supporting the network.

  • Reactive
    (Traditional model)
    • Highly technical  onsite support
    • Smart Analysis of repetitive problems
  • Proactive
    ( trying to act smartly about network issues and eliminate by time)
    • Prevent rather than react
    • Building Patterns
    • Monitor cases and relation between severity and technology 
  • Enhance Network Awareness
    through smart– network service based documentation.
    • Services based Documentation
    • Easier troubleshooting

These components enables A.TOS to improve the overall network health

Comparison between the traditional vendors (Reactive Support) with A.TOS Support

Traditional Vendor
Reactive Support
Break-fix support
Response time SLA
On site – field  support
24x7  technical assistance and support not limited to 8x5
RMA  installation
Implementation support
Network Documentation
End of Life report
End of Sale report
IOS consistency
Specific product  independent

Service gears

Highly technical Qualified Resources

'Cisco Certified' Engineers'
  • CCIE Level - for severity one and medium to complex implementation support
  • CCIP- for Severity 2/ and 3 cases
  • CCNP – for field support when required, like remote site support or cases
  • On Site support on sever cases
  • Incident Management
  • All resources are having excellent communication skills and the right expertise for their roles respectively

Call Center Back to Back support with Cisco TAC

  • Process management
  • SLA Management
  • Fixed Number to call for all problems
  • Call dispatch
  • 24x7 accessibility
  • Case status updates

Network Awareness

Key for a quicker time to resolve. And it’s the foundation for better communication with Vendor TAC

  • Network Documentation
    • Network Topology Documentation
    • Network Services Documentation
    • Layered services over network element documentation (Service- Hardware Path)
  • Network Inventory
  • IOS verification
  • Implementation Support

Program Management

Qualified Project Manager to handle all communication and case status through weekly calls and quarterly business review

  • Cases analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • SLA reporting
  • Weekly call with customer for follow up
  • Quarterly Business Review

Proactive Work
Proactive Support eliminate guessing and provide better forecast of problems

  • End of Life reporting (once a year)
  • End of Sale reporting (Once a year)
  • Implementation Support
  • IOS consistency verification
  • Proactive Bug analysis.

Customer Satisfaction
Client views and feedback are important to ADVISORY.Two separate surveys will be conducted to ensure high quality service delivery.The Customer Satisfaction Survey is administered throughout the life of the service, and upon the project’s completion.

A.TOS enhances the overall time to repair which in turn enhances network performance, availability and improves customer internal operation level agreement (OLA).

Augmenting the vendor provided (reactive support) with more on the ground availability of qualified engineers and proactive network optimization together with ADVISORY’s SLA add to customer’s trust in their network support.


ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that aren’t biased towards certain equipment vendor. In A.TOS we apply the same concept and try to fill the gap between Vendor Support and real Network Operation requirements.

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