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Advisory Project Management Office

"Unique service directed to large organizations or Service
providers where large scale projects are of major criticality"


  • Builds an organization PMO and focus on high quality delivery with cost reduction
  • Complete suite of program management office capabilities and services
  • A.PMO will leverage the power of talented program managers and project managers, technical consultants and liaise with all organization's entities as relevant to the project life cycle.

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Our Customers

ADVISORY has been helping many strategic customers manage large scale projects and build PMO methodologies and structure. Customers ranges from Large System Integrators, Equipment Vendors and Enterprises

ADVISORY follows PMI® methodologies to provide the standard framework for successful project management.

Service Introduction

IT projects complexity are increasing day after day, the need of an organization to run multiple projects concurrently is also becoming commonly phenomenal as part of organizational initiative or mega technology changes or expansion. With such criticality, the need for a proper Project Management Office Structure becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

The hurdle of internal communication, frequent inter-departmental liaison and risks identifications especially within non-matrix organizations adds to such importance of leveraging a PMO service.

The service offers a complete suite of program management office build up, capabilities and services that allows and empowers an organization to ensure project success through structured and tested Project Management standards approaches. ADVISORY follows PMI® methodologies and provide the right framework for successful project management.

ADVISORY has been managing large scale projects and applying PMO methodologies with great track record of success.

Why PMO Service is required?

With the dynamic market requirements, enterprises are always engaged in major projects. The bar is being raised day after day. Are you ready to meet that challenge?

The common - single project manager driven projects who can't scale to meet large projects requirements and demands - isn't going to work anymore. Adopting PMO methodologies to manage large projects increases delivering projects successfully and in time. PMO architecture allows for better improved business performance. The following are some of the hurdles an organization faces without PMO in place.

  • Align project objectives and execution to overall Service Provider targets and long term planning.
  • Diversity of project stakeholders
  • Non-matrix organizational structure and difficulty to manage project resources
  • Tough timelines as mandated by business and marketing
  • The need to have PMO umbrella and PMI governance to minimize the risks and enforce compliance
Why PMO Service is required?
  • A.PMO focuses during the entire duration of the Program/ Project to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the project.
  • ADVISORY Builds and manages PMO structure which encompass Client’s staff or representatives from all stakeholders departments and ADVISORY as well as any other entities/ Vendors who represent stakeholders in the overall project processes
  • A.PMO will leverage the power of talented program managers and project managers, technical consultants and liaise with all entities as relevant to the project life cycle.
  • Full alignment with Management and Executive steering updates will be provided through various approved communication methods and reporting mechanisms.

ADVISORY Adopts PMI® Project Management methodology with critical focus on the major project phases as identified in PMI terminologies. ADVISORY PMO will have a great role in ensuring project control is applied and project progress is well monitored through enforcing the application of the right processes related to each phase. Beside the standard PMI® processes that define each project phase activities, ADVISORY has other processes that are leveraged per each project phase. 

PM Practice Areas

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Communication Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Quality Management
  • Procurement Management

Service Value and ROI

A.PMO service improves the overall quality of the project delivery, aligns costs to planned project budgets and ensures timely delivery.


ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that aren’t biased towards certain equipment vendor. In A.PMO we leverage and apply highly sophisticated program management disciplines and processes.

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