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"ADVISORY Provides High-end Consultation and technical Solutions For Networking Technologies"

We seek our competitive edge through.

  • Extensive market awareness
  • Service package customization and adaptation
  • Service suitability according to the line of business and market segment
  • Accomplished experience of founders and staff
  • Strong business relations locally and internationally

Established in 2010, Advisory provides high-end consultation and technical solutions for networking technologies. We provide specialized service packages that deliver top-notch consulting services alongside suitable IT products at a competitive price with a potential expansion as an off-shoring model. Our goal is to strengthen relations between business and IT services and help achieve operational effectiveness by integrating the business needs and vision into IT requirements and strategy.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading IT consultancy and professional services company in the Middle East. To attain this vision, we will strive to consistently develop and successfully implement effective, creative and proficient service packages and approaches.

Our Mission

To establish and maintain practical and effective business opportunities by offering high-quality, specialized IT services to service providers, enterprises, financial institutions and governmental sectors in Egypt and neighboring regions. We aspire to develop the most innovative service solutions for our clients to enhance their overall IT return on investment (ROI) in the most productive and efficient manner. 

Our Edge

Advisory helps its clients in improving and optimizing their network and IT infrastructure. We design and implement our service packages using top business redesign principles, effective client relationship management strategies and high-end technical resources. Additionally, our priority in understanding our customer’s business values allows us to continuously and dynamically seek diverse solutions producing more efficient operational methods.

Our Offerings

Consultation Services

Providing expert consulting servicesthat cover a wide range of business requirements and Project Management.

Our consulting services spans:

  • Networking
  • project management
  • process creation and management 
  • business development

Network Services

Providing expert networking services that ranges from design, network auditing and implementation services

Our service packages have been designed to serve the following benefits:

  • Create enhanced planning strategies for clients starting from design to implementation
  • Provide solid expertise and skills using premier resources to deliver high-quality services
  • Produce top service delivery standardization and reforming services to become a RBM (repeatable business model)
  • Support and accommodate ongoing technological enhancements to create a vast and diversified set of service packages

Educational Services

ADVISORY tailors trainings that address technical staff’s real needs with the right emphasis on the real working environment.

We provide solid technical trainings and workshops that ensures proper understanding of the abstract technology and various vendor-specific technology implementations. We intensely emphasis on real life situations and problems with clear distinctions of customers various business environments.

Such training enables high quality knowledge transfer where the instructors have the right level of teaching experience augmented with extensive field expertise.

Strong Management Team

ADVISORY management has decades of solid experience in networking and innovation, regionally recognized as respected leaders and visionaries in networking services delivery, networking and Operation.

Our Customers

ADVISORY has a prestigious set of customers, including Major System integrators and service Providers as well as Major Networking Vendors, Providing services, education and consultancy services. Headquartered in Cairo – Egypt also has offices in Saudi Arabia and soon in Dubai


  • ADVISORY’s consulting and networking services focus on service providers, financial sector and enterprises to maximize the value of their current network infrastructure by providing well-structured tailored services to optimize their network and increase productivity.
  • ADVISORY’s services leverage a level of flexibility that many equipment vendor lack. Such flexibility positions our services to be adequate, effective and practical to our customers’ needs

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