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ADVISORY Network Operation Quality Service

"In Service Providers Multi-Vendor Multi-Technology, Overall
in-House Taracking and Correlation Among Various issues is usually a Burden"


  • Proactive Support -  trying to act smartly about network issues and eliminate by time
  • Enhance Network Awareness through smart– network service based documentation.
  • Highly technical  onsite support engineers enabling for Smart Analysis of repetitive problems

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Service Delivery:Model

  • Network Exploring (1) Month
  • Service Readiness and Preparation (2) Month
  • Quarterly reporting

Service Delivery:Team Structure

  • Project Manage
  • Operation ADVISOR - Documentation
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • Operation Agents
  • Operation Agent (CCSP)
  • Operation Agent (CCIP)
  • Operation Agent (CCNP)

The Delivery Team Skillset

Operation ADVISOR

  • Expert knowledge in data technologies (mobile or fixed data),
  • Very good knowledge in legacy voice and GSM technologies
  • Broad experience dealing with different vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel/Lucent, Huawei, Nortel, Ericsson, ZTE…)
  • 3 (8*5) days to work in premises (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Operation Agents

  • To work in the “Network Operations Center” reporting directly to the “Operations Advisor”
  • Excellent experience in diverse areas: IP, data networking, network security, transmission mechanisms, voice, UNIX, Oracle…
  • 5 (8*5) days to work in premises, in turn, 24*7 on-call, on-demand site visits

In Service Provider Dynamic Operation Environment, Multi-Vendor, Multi Technology is the norm. Most of Network services provided is susceptible to lack of proper root cause analysis.

While each vendor may present its own tracking and quality assurance mechanism, the overall in-house tracking and correlation among various issues is usually a burden.

Time-to-resolve is directly impacted due to absence of all vendors or proper problem diagnosis from the first place. Network Performance and network availability is usually impacted hence the Service Provider revenue and ROI

Root Cause Analysis
  • No Consolidated Root Cause Analysis
  • Time is an issue
Vendor Performance
  • Consolidated Vendor Performance
  • Executive reporting
  • Hybrid Trend Analysis

Initial Vendor –Problem Correlation
  • High accuracy Issue to Vendor Correlation
Vendor Assistance
  • On Site Effectiveness
  • End to End case management

Seamless service to “Service providers”
A.NOQS provides a seamless service to Service providers addressing most of the previous issues and adding more excellence to day to day operation within a hectic Service Provider Operation Environment.The Service has many elements and relies on highly qualified resources and a well-structured approach to deliver a state of the art quality service.A.NOQS ensure ADVISORY becomes the trusted operation advisor to the service Provider Operation Team. Responding to day to day needs as well as providing the various level of reporting and trending to enhance the decision making process.

Service Key Elements

The various Elements or main components of A.NOQs are integrated together to ensure Service Provider Operation Excellence. Elements are intending to ensure operation harmony among various vendors and various technologies.


Monthly ‘ORM’ Operations Review Meeting to discuss/analyze:

  • Tickets per service per vendor
  • Tickets status (open, closed, pending vendor, pending customer…)
  • Actual versus targeted KPIs
  • Reported bugs
  • S/W revision upgrade/downgrade
  • H/W Replacement
  • Support SLA
  • Hot escalated cases
  • Customer impact
  • Revenue impact

NETWORK: Documentation

  • Physical
    • All device / Equipment related properties
    • Regular Updates
  • Logical
    • Connectivity
    • IP/ and other parameters
  • Service
    • Data flow
    • Service Dependencies
    • Service nodes flow

ADVISORY, utilizes NetViz, a leading multi-layer, multi approach documentation software.

  • Network Physical Documentation includes:
    • H/W make, Model
    • Physical location
    • Support contract
    • Support SLA
    • Parts’ Serial numbers
    • Primary & secondary software revisions
    • Redundancy on level of box/circuit
  • Service Documentation includes:
    • Traffic flow diagram for each & every service
    • Direction of streams
    • Underlined nodes/systems
    • Responsible parties (teams & vendors)
    • Service contingency plan*
  • List of all measures to improve fault tolerance
  • List of all measures to add/enhance system redundancy
  • List of all other recommendations
  • Delivery plans for action items/recommendations (follow up engagement)


NETWORK: Disaster Recovery –Backup
Ensures various backup mechanisms activation via different scripts and tools to benefit from/activate all possible backup features available in the different protocols (i.e. in IP: HSRP, routing protocols, MPLS TE…) "Backups That work"

NETWORK: Disaster Recovery –DRP

  • For any critical date missing or network failure
  • Plan will include step by step instructions on how to shut-down network, any required modification and all manual procedures required
  • Disaster recovery procedures will be tested properly to ensure its applicability and confirm it will bring the network to a productivity stage

NETWORK: IP Network Audits
Network Audit will be triggered by major network events like mega upgrades or before introduction of major changes

  • Audit
  • Findings
  • Corrective Actions
  • Update Dashboard
  • Compare with Best Standards Network

NETWORK: Network Audits
Initial Findings Report:

  • Initial dashboard for the current network health, performance and security
  • List of hot issues, risks or vulnerabilities, if any
  • List of quick actions to rectify these issues (step by step description for each action)
  • Updated dashboard for the network after taking the necessary actions, this will be compared to the initial one
  • Compliance of current setup with different standards and vendors' specific recommendations
Final Findings Report:
  • Required changes in the network topology/setup (i.e. add, relocate devices…)
  • Required hardware upgrade/expansion
  • Required configuration change
  • Required software version upgrade

NETWORK: IP Convergence

Lists all possible ways to minimize the IP network convergence time after any failure detection once achieved; its reflection on the availability of the different services (especially the voice service) is tremendous. In other words; it is the service restoration time.
It integrates all available failure detection features from the different layers to minimize the overall failure detection time and failure recovery time.

NETWORK: Operation Manual
  • Full login info to access each live device
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to initially configure, modify configuration, delete, commit changes, upgrade/downgrade S/W revisions and change H/W of all devices
  • Clear troubleshooting guides for all common problems and issues
  • Instructions on how to contact vendor support, open appropriate case, escalate and assist in all trouble cases
NETWORK: Changes Review
  • To simulate, test and examine all changes before being applied on the live network This should work in conjunction with setting a lab environment from stocked/phased out resources and/or simulators/traffic analyzers.


NETWORK: Correlation & Trend Report

Refers and links all failures to a certain root cause, indicating how to work-around, recover and permanently solve the underlying issue.
Includes thorough analysis for the different traffic patterns indicating normal and suspicious behaviors.
Proactively predicts failures and finds ways to avoid them.


  • Unbiased reporting, vendor independent
    Trusted ADVISOR
  • Broadly experienced delivery resources
  • Heavy understanding of Service Provider Environment
  • Leverage of best in the market tools to allow for high quality delivery

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