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Networking Services

"Providing expert networking services that ranges from design,
network auditing, network operation and implementaions "

“ADVISORY Produces top service delivery standardizations and reforming services to become a RBM (repeatable business model)”

  • Create enhanced planning strategies for clients starting from design to implementation.
  • Provide solid expertise and skills using premier resources to deliver high-quality services.

ADVISORY. Technical Operation Support

  • Proactive Support -  trying to act smartly about network issues and eliminate by time
  • Enhance Network Awareness through smart– network service based documentation.
  • Highly technical  onsite support engineers enabling for Smart Analysis of repetitive problems

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ADVISORY. Network Operation Quality Service

A.NOQS provides a seamless service to Service providers addressing most of the previous issues and adding more excellence to day to day operation within a hectic Service Provider Operation Environment.  The Service has many elements and relies on highly qualified resources and a well-structured approach to deliver a state of the art quality service.  A.NOQS ensure ADVISORY becomes the trusted operation advisor to the service Provider Operation Team. Responding to day to day needs as well as providing the various level of reporting and trending to enhance the decision making process. 

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ADVISORY. Banking Infrastructure and Security

In today’s banking and financial institutions, IT and advanced technologies have become the enabler for Quality of Service and Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction.

The market studies show that a solid and highly available IT infrastructure and e-banking services are the key elements in Modern Banking Services ranking. Customers are more and more aware of banking security and availability, which means the Bank network, has to continue to be fully available and secure.  ADVISORY – through its A.BIAS services utilizes highly qualified resources working according to best practices in Security and Networking and using the right tools (Hardware and Software) to ensure network health and network security.

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ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that aren’t biased towards certain equipment vendor. We apply the same concept and try to fill the gap between Vendor Support and Customer requirements.

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