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"Developing technical and Business skills through unbiased, vendor
independent technical courses"


  • Proactive Support -  trying to act smartly about network issues and eliminate by time.
  • Enhance Network Awareness through smart– network service based documentation.
  • Highly technical  onsite support engineers enabling for Smart Analysis of repetitive problems.

Building Solid technical capabilities that promotes a leading position in the market is a tough job and requires multiple vendor specific training and yet doesn't provide the right cases studies and wide exposure to technicalities of the field issues

Development of technical resources is a continuous process where enterprises and corporates are always striving to maintain and enhance. Building such capabilities requires reliance on Equipment Manufacturer provided training and following their certifications’ tracks. However, these standard vendor-specific trainings don’t provide the right solid technical foundation to allow the technical individuals to have the wide spectrum of theory and usually isn't enough to deal with multi-vendor, multi-technology environment especially in service providers environment.

ADVISORY, A.LEAD service, caters for such requirements through tailored courses and workshops that ensures the organization’s technical staff are in the leading technical position

Challenges with vendor-specific training model

  • Focus on only vendor equipment
  • Explaining technology is related only to vendor implementation
  • Focus on certifications and vendor specific learning track
  • Big customers relies on a diversified multi-technology, multi-vendor environment
  • Multiple trainings will not cater for such diverse environment
  • Limited discussion of the technology and focus on specific commands and vendor technology -implementation
  • Most trainings have a very limited case studies
  • No knowledge transfer and only instructor own perspective
  • No Customer Segment perspective , Service Providers are different from Enterprises

A comparison between vendor-dependent provided and vendor-independent training.

Training benefits Vendor ADVISORY
Wide Technology exposure Moderate Core
Real life case study and not limited to Lab environments Low Core
Customer oriented –Service Providers and Enterprise implementation of Technology Low Core
Intense Knowledge transfer Occasional Core
Tailored courses ,extreme coverage of a single topic None Core
Extended support –post course discussions and forms None Core
Vendor-specific curriculum / certification pressure Core None
Multi-instructor with Extensive experience None Core

A.LEAD – Key Elements

The various Elements or main components of A.LEAD are integrated together to ensure a wealth of technical information and knowledge transfer. Courses Materials are well designed to be used as a great technical reference in the future and I something student can always go back to. The service focuses on the following.

Current available courses

  • Datacenter & Cloud computing
  • Cisco Tandberg TelePresence
  • IT Security Boot Camp
  • Cisco ASR9K
  • IPv6
  • IPTV 
  • IT Project Management 
  • ITILv3 (Full Track)

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Sample Courses Outlines

IPMPLS Inside Out

“IP/MPLS  Inside Out” course covers intermediate and advanced topics needed by service providers and system integrators technical gurus who deal with IP and MPLS networks in their day-to-day operations “IP/MPLS Inside Out” course, not only depends on theory, it also includes:

  • Lab scenarios enabling attendee to configure, implement, monitor and troubleshoot the various  technologies
  • Case studies covering service providers’ best practices in their networks’ design

After the completion of the course; attendee will be able to:

  • Configure and troubleshoot Internal & External routing protocols (OSPF, ISIS, & BGP)
  • Configure, and troubleshooting IP Multicast
  • Understand MPLS operation

  • Understand and configure various PE-CE routing protocols in MPLS VPN networks
  • Understand MPLS VPN provisioning in an Inter-provider VPN (Inter-AS) and Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) environment
  • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot MPLS QoS and MPLS TE
  • Configure, and troubleshoot Layer 2 Services (AToM, L2VPN interworking & VPLS )

Triple play IPTV

IPTV course provides a comprehensive understanding of the IPTV technology. The course will cover major aspects of the IPTV standard from a business, network service, architecture, hardware, software, protocols and platforms perspective.  With established background in legacy video, along with a comprehensive understanding of the IP technologies, provides rich insight into the IPTV technology and results in a superior training experience for our customers. The course provides in-depth information, example implementations, case studies, and practical guidance to give your team members a running start.

After the completion of the course; attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of video
  • Understand the basics of IP networking technology
  • Differentiate between technologies such as streaming, download and play, and file transfer
  • Understand IPTV protocols and standards
  • Understand video transport over IP networks
  • Learn more about technologies like MPEG, multicasting, RTP/RTCP, and streaming
  • Identify the issues with IPTV implementation
  • Discover challenges with implementing some IP television features


ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that aren’t biased towards certain equipment vendor. In A.LEAD we apply the same concept and try to fill the gap between Vendor training and overall technology implementation.

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