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"Tailoring trainings that address technical staff's real needs with the right emphasis on the real working environment. "

ADVISORY, provides full suite of trainings and skills development starting by training assessment to training delivery through standard and tailored courses and boot camps to enrich customerís staff skills and enhance their performance.

ADVISORY. Technical Operation Support (A.LEAD)

Development of technical resources is a continuous process where enterprises and corporates are always striving to maintain and enhance. Building such capabilities requires reliance on Equipment Manufacturer provided training and following their certificationsí tracks. However, these standard vendor-specific trainings donít provide the right solid technical foundation to allow the technical individuals to have the wide spectrum of theory and usually isn't enough to deal with multi-vendor, multi-technology environment especially in service providers environment.  ADVISORY, A.LEAD service, caters for such requirements through tailored courses and workshops that ensures the organizationís technical staff are in the leading technical position.

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ADVISORY. Smart Training Requirements Assessment (A.STRA)

ADVISORY, through its A.STRA service, works hand in hand with your organization's training and development department to define skill gaps between current skills and targeted skills according to business and operational growth. Advisory also proposes a structured training requirements fulfillment plan.

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ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that arenít biased towards certain equipment vendor. We apply the same concept and try to fill the gap between Vendor Technology and Customer Requirements.

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