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Job Opportunity At Advisory

"Our team, are Our Most important and Greatest asset. We Could not accomplish What We do Every day Without our Employees"

Our core values

  • Team work
  • Commitment
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Dependability and Responsibility
  • Possessing a Positive Attitude.
  • Adaptability
  • Honesty and Integrity

Staff benefits

  • Lucrative salary
  • Medical Insurance
  • Social Insurance
  • Transportation allowance


  • Customer Support
  • Network Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Datacenters – cloud computing
  • Systems Engineering
  • IT Managers

Apply now…

Send resume to careers@advisoryme.com

Please indicate the "Position" of interest in the subject line of the email. For example, to apply for the Network Engineer position, please indicate this in the subject line as: "Network Engineer "

Join the excitement and explore professional opportunities with ADVISORY

ADVISORY helps its clients in improving and optimizing their network and IT infrastructure. We design and implement our service packages using top business redesign principles, effective client relationship management strategies and high-end technical resources. Additionally, our priority in understanding our customer’s business values allows us to continuously and dynamically seek diverse solutions producing more efficient operational methods.

Our team is comprised of experienced management and top notch engineering talent from leading networking companies. Plus we offer great benefits and work-life balance.  We're looking for talented and skillful people to contribute in all areas of our company - whether you're a hardcore engineer looking to work on cutting edge networking technology or a project manager with track record of technical project management and implementation, ADVISORY is the place to submit your resume to.

Staff Testimonials

Agency Resume Submittals

Resumes received by ADVISORY LLC. from search firms and/or individual recruiters are considered unsolicited and will be kept as ADVISORY’s intellectual property, or deleted as appropriate, unless a contractual obligation exists otherwise between ADVISORY LLC and a search firm and/or individual recruiter.


ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that aren’t biased towards certain equipment vendor. In ADVISORY, we aim to grow our people technically and financially. Good performance, solid work ethics and high customer satisfaction are all factors to allow ADVISORY to growth its employees.  We are proactive in securing our people career and work close to always find the right position that grow their career. 

We're here to help

For more information..

• E-mail us careers@advisoryme.com
• Call us at +20 (2) 269 01304


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