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Advisory Banking Infrastructure & Security

" Addresses the Challenges Of today's Financial Sector Providing the Capabilities To  a Complete Reliable,Secure and Highly Available IT Network. "


  • Offers twice a year network and network security audits
  • Help prepare for PCI_DSS/PSC Audits
  • Provide network and network services documentation to help improve quality of time to repair of any network issue and other network performance KPIs

Service ROI ..

  • A.BIAS services components will lead to a stable, available and secure network that will be the foundation for banking operation excellence and ability to manage any auditing assessment of any service – as an example – PCI-DSS. 
  • The network enhanced availability and reliability will lead as well to a better customer experience and further growth.

Network availability in banking environment counts as the main driver for success. Network outage directly impact quality e-banking and overall banking services.

In today’s banking and financial institutions, IT and advanced technologies have become the enabler for:

  • Quality of Service
  • Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction

Customer Trust in relation to Banking Service Availability

The market studies show that a solid and highly available IT infrastructure and e-banking services are the key elements in Modern Banking Services ranking. Customers are more and more aware of banking security and availability, which means the Bank network, has to continue to be fully available and secure.

ADVISORY – through its A.BIAS services utilizes highly qualified resources working according to best practices in Security and Networking and using the right tools (Hardware and Software) to ensure network health and network security.

Infrastructure and security issues

Network Availability

Banking Quality of Services

Quality of Banking Services is the main distinguisher among competitors. Network counts as the main driver for success. Network outages either partially or fully have direct impact on quality of services. Some of well-known reasons for Network Outages:

  • Improper cabling and lack of accurate documentation
  • Lack of regular end to end Network Audits
  • Security breaches
  • Bandwidth issues
  • Application compatibility and performance problems
  • Network Elements Issues
  • Inconsistent Network Elements Configurations

The Chain Reaction Syndrome

  • Network issues always forms a chain reaction of other issues as indicated in the left cycle.
  • It’s quite important to be able to break the chain and resolve the causes as they arise.
  • Major network outages are originated from ignored and accumulated simple issues.

Network Security

Security vulnerabilities can be a result of:

  • Firewall inconsistent configurations.
  • Lack of proper firewall testing and verifications.
  • Lack of Change management process with its appropriate approval cycle.
  • Firewall connection in relation to each internet connection Lack of periodical review of routers rules, access, configurations.
  • Proper Protection against wireless access
    Wireless security.
  • NAT male-configuration and IP Broadcast.


  • Payment Card Industry and Payment Security Council mandated standards and guidelines are extremely important to financial institutions that deal with American Express, VISA, and Master Card etc.
  • The compliance with the guide lines and passing the assessment audit is relying heavily on a solid data network infrastructure and the stability/ Security of the network.

All the mandated 12 requirements for PCI-DSS assessment relies on:

  • Security measures that need to be taken to ensure there are no security vulnerability within the network.

Service Components


ADVISORY relies on being an independent advisor to its entire customers; we are always keen to provide solutions, education and consultancy that aren’t biased towards certain equipment vendor. In A.BIAS we provide high quality consultancy service that enhances financial institution IT performance.

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